Sales Skills
for Recruitment

The sales excellence assessment tool serves a vital purpose in your recruitment process, by evaluating sales skills and potential sales performance at the individual level. Recruitment companies and HR departments can use this tool to analyse the individual sales skills of their candidates. This tool assesses a wide spectrum of sales skills including:

• Ability to hunt for new business or Manage strategic accounts,
• Ability to get to the decision-maker,
• Ability to qualify a deal and not waste time on people who won’t buy,
• Ability to close a deal,

saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent on candidates who may not meet your required criteria.

Furthermore, this tool can be a significant differentiator, enabling recruitment firms to add more value to their clients and secure more retained work.

“I am pleased to recommend taking an individual sales assessment as a valuable step towards your professional growth. This assessment will provide valuable insights into your sales skills, strengths, and areas for improvement. By leveraging these insights, you can enhance your performance, develop targeted training plans, and achieve greater success in your sales role.

I highly encourage you to consider taking this sales assessment and utilizing the valuable feedback it provides. It will empower you to continuously improve your sales abilities and reach new heights in your career.”

James Knight, Retail Industry

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