About Us

Welcome to Sales Excellence, a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your sales performance to unprecedented heights. Our suite of tools encompasses individual assessments, recruiter evaluations, and sales team analysis, providing a holistic approach to optimising your sales force.

In the fast-paced and competitive world of sales, understanding each team member’s unique strengths and weaknesses is vital. Our individual assessments delve deep into the capabilities and potential of sales professionals, providing valuable insights that drive targeted training and development initiatives. By identifying and nurturing talent at an individual level, we empower your team to reach their full potential and deliver exceptional results.

Recruiting the right individuals for your sales team is another critical aspect of achieving sales excellence. Our recruiter evaluations leverage data-driven assessments to identify top talent, ensuring you make informed hiring decisions. By evaluating candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit, we help you assemble a high-performing sales team capable of driving revenue growth.

But sales success is not just about individuals—it’s about harnessing the collective power of your team. Our sales team analysis evaluates the dynamics, collaboration, and overall performance of your sales team. By analysing key metrics and identifying areas of improvement, we provide actionable insights to enhance teamwork, streamline processes, and foster a culture of success.

At Sales Excellence, our mission is to equip your organisation with the tools and insights needed to excel in the competitive sales landscape. Whether it’s optimising individual performance, making strategic hiring decisions, or optimising team dynamics, our comprehensive suite of assessments and analyses ensures that you have the edge to outperform your competition and achieve unparalleled sales excellence.


Jake Colonas

Sales Manager

Jake Colonas has several years of experience in business development, account management, and sales management. He has directly dealt with a wide variety of customers across different industries, implementing and effectively delivering performance improvement strategies. In 2021, Jake completed his certification in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), reflecting his personal passion for continuous learning and improvement.
Jake’s passion for the human side of selling has helped numerous individuals, sales teams and sales recruitment agents to understand the real level of Sales Excellence that salespeople possess.

“I am pleased to recommend taking an individual sales assessment as a valuable step towards your professional growth. This assessment will provide valuable insights into your sales skills, strengths, and areas for improvement. By leveraging these insights, you can enhance your performance, develop targeted training plans, and achieve greater success in your sales role.

I highly encourage you to consider taking this sales assessment and utilizing the valuable feedback it provides. It will empower you to continuously improve your sales abilities and reach new heights in your career.”

James Knight, Retail Industry